Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Caught on Camera: Whitewater Rafting Photos

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As most NOC guests know, we take multiple photos of every rafting trip. That means we take hundreds of thousands of rafting photos each year. And while the vast majority of these are "honest," candid photos, some of our guests and guides make elaborate plans to stage their big moment in the rapids. 

Below are some of the best staged photos we seen this season. Enjoy! Let us know if you've got a good idea for a shot, or start making plans for your group's upcoming whitewater photo-op.

"Touch the Sky"

"The Classic Titanic"

"Rock the Boat, Rock the Boat Baby"

"Asleep at Nanty Falls"

Keep an eye out for a photo contest coming up soon on NOC's Facebook page. We'll give away some cool prizes to the winners, like free rafting and zip lining packages.

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