Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2013 Freestyle World Championships Spectator Update

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In less than two months, the biggest whitewater event in the Southeast since the 1996 Olympics comes to the Nantahala Gorge, the 2013 ICF Freestyle World Championships.  The world's top whitewater freestyle athletes will be competing from September 2nd to September 8th on the Nantahala River for thousands of spectators.  Even if you're not an athlete, get ready to enjoy a week packed full of events, entertainment and a cultural experiences.

NOC Raft Guides put on their own Mini-Me
Rodeo every Monday night at the 2013 Wave. 
Here is a sneak peek at the planned spectator events. Keep in mind that the winners of these events all get very cool prizes from event sponsors like boats, paddling gear and other outdoor equipment.
  • NOC Mini-Me Rodeo - Grab a crew up to four people and hop in a small raft, also known as a mini-me. The goal of this game is to surf in the 2013 Wave as long as possible!  Scoring will be based of the length of your ride, what moves you can pull off while staying in your boat and, of course, the best carnage.
  • Dagger Presents: 8-Ball through the 2013 Wave - Paddle a course from the Founders Bridge to the Driving Bridge. Watch out for tricky obstacles and black-clad kayakers deliberating getting in your way and trying to make you swim.
  • Wilderness Systems Lake Demos and Challenge- Prefer to paddle flatwater? Head to the lake below Wesser Falls on NOC's Campus to demo a lake kayak with Wilderness Systems! After demoing a lake kayak, participate in the Wilderness Systems Challenge relay race.  Maneuver around obstacles as fast as you can to beat the other paddlers to the finish.
  • Bomber Gear Dress for Success Challenge - Grab a partner and gear up for success.  This relay race will have you dress up in paddling gear, paddle across the river and back, gear back down and pass it off to your friend to do the same.  First team to finish wins!
  • AT Canoe Ball - Adventure Technology is hosting a ball - a canoe ball of course. Grab a team and play a splashy, fun version of basketball from your boats!
  • Dagger Presents: The RPM Stern Squirt Session - Test out your rodeo skills in this old-school classic: The Stern Squirt Competition!
Stern Squirt Preview

There's also going to be plenty of entertainment on shore.  From art vendors and beer gardens to shopping and live music, the World Championships will be busy with things to do and see for all ages and adventure levels!

For more event information, a full schedule and list of activities, click here.

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