Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MedicForce Hosts Silent Auction in Greensboro, NC

Come out this Saturday and support MedicForce as they raise funds to continue their Belize outreach project! MedicForce is a non-profit organization founded by and comprised of NOC staff members and volunteers, with the aim of bringing medical care and training to remote villages throughout the world.

The group will host an art auction in Greensboro, NC this Saturday May 22 at the Historic Biltmore in Greensboro from 7–9pm.

This past winter, five MedicForce volunteers rebuilt a derelict healthcare clinic in Laguna Village, Belize and stocked it with basic medical supplies. During that time they coordinated with the village to elect a new community health worker. The community health workers in Belize are responsible for the health education and well being of communities of up to 300 people. They also conducted a medical evaluation of two other villages in even greater remoteness and inaccessibility.

every little bit from medicinebleu on Vimeo.

MedicForce volunteers plan to return to Belize in July of 2010 to focus on advanced medical training for community health workers, including Laguna Village. Plans include training midwifery skills, and installing solar power in the newly renovated clinic at Laguna Village.

MedicForce's founder Jono Bryant is the director of Wilderness Medicine programs at NOC. He will travel to Belize this summer with a team of nurses and other volunteers to accomplish these tasks. To complete this work, funds are needed and every little bit helps! This benefit is being organized by NOC staff and guests who traveled to Belize as part of NOC's Adventure Travel trips.

The event starts at 7pm and will include a silent auction for rafting trips and kayak instruction from NOC, along with fine art photographs of Belize. Admission is $20 and includes complimentary wine from Trefethen Winery, along with hors d' oeuvres.

If you can not attend the benefit and would like to donate please go to http://www.firstgiving.com/medicforcebelize