Thursday, June 13, 2013

Announcing NOC's 2013 Canoe Club Challenge Series

June kicks off the first of the three-part Canoe Club Challange series at NOC! For those of you new to the event, you just need to come out and see it (i.e. be a part of it) for yourselves. Featuring both a downriver and a slalom race, the event is designed to give paddlers of all skill levels a chance to get on the water and take part in some good natured, low-key competition. Talk smack with your friends, cool off on the river, and challenge yourself to a personal best time in the downriver or a clean run on the slalom course. Following the event, enjoy time with friends at Big Wesser BBQ + Brew, catch some live music, and hang out for your chance to win great prizes courtesy of NOC and Dagger.

For those of you who are Canoe Club Challenge veterans, there are a couple of changes to this year's event format that are worth noting:
  • Thank you to Dagger for once again sponsoring NOC's Canoe Club Challenge. Following the Canoe Club Challenge Championships in August, we will hold a drawing for the Grand Prize, a new 2013 Dagger kayak (model is the winner's choice).
  • $5 race registration includes: downriver race, slalom race and Series t-shirt (each competitor only gets one shirt, even if they come to multiple events). Competitors who come to both June and July races will receive FREE entry to the August event.
  • Bring your kids! We're trying to make competition special for our smaller paddlers, and will have awards to recognize all our paddling kids aged 16 and under.
We thank you for understanding that your event entry fee goes directly towards the purchase of prizes and t-shirts. We still won't break even on the event, but the entry fee will help to recoup some of our costs.


Slalom Race Format Changes:
  • Once the race starts, the course will be closed to practice runs.
  • Competitors get two race runs in each class, and can compete in a maximum of three classes.
  • Each completed run earns the paddler one raffle ticket.
  • Each completed CLEAN run earns the paddler two raffle tickets. (A clean run means making it through each of the gates in the designated order without touching any poles.)
  • As always following each event, we will hold a raffle for prizes. Individuals win prizes when their name is picked at the Canoe Club Challenge drawing.

Downriver Race Format Changes:
  • This year, each Canoe Club Challenge Downriver Race will be a different length. 
  • June: Sprint race from above Nantahala Falls to NOC Founder's Bridge.
  • July: Classic race from Ferebee to NOC Founder's Bridge.
  • August: Marathon race from Wayah USFS Put-in to NOC Founder's Bridge (GCA Southeastern Whitewater Championships)
Please visit the event page for more information and a full event schedule. We look forward to seeing you out on the water!

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