Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Insider: Big Wesser BBQ & Brew

NOC welcomes a new dining venue to the Nantahala River Campus: Big Wesser BBQ & Brew.  Formerly known as Slow Joe's Cafe, Big Wesser BBQ & Brew brings delicious home-style entrees with a wide selection of traditional southern sides to the Nantahala Gorge.

Smoked Chicken with Cornbread, Slaw and Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Executive Chef, Charlie McAlexander, spoke highly about the new venue and food selection available to guests.  Here are the top five reasons you should try the new food at Big Wesser BBQ & Brew:
  1. Southern-Style Entrees - Who doesn't love a great barbeque sandwich paired with mac & cheese and green beans or delicious smoked chicken with greens and potato salad? At Big Wesser BBQ & Brew the menu is packed with traditional southern favorites to make you feel at home after a long day of adventure or travel. 
  2. Made from Scratch Recipes - All the sauces and meals are made from scratch with simple ingredients to highlight the natural flavors of the food presented.  "Granted, we don't roll our own pasta, but we try to make as much of the food as possible in house and from scratch," explains McAlexander.
  3. "Simple is Delicious" - At Big Wesser BBQ & Brew, the recipes are not over-complicated.  McAlexander is trying to focus more on "clean, feel good food" to try to make the southern home-style meals a bit healthier while still tasting delicious.
  4. Quick and Friendly Service - With a new venue comes a new crew. Big Wesser BBQ & Brew is focusing on speedy service while presenting the food in a friendly manner.  With a whole new menu, the staff and cook crew are open to feedback from guests and want to present you with the best food and service they can. 
  5. Array of Adult Brews - Big Wesser BBQ & Brew will serve a wide selection of adult beverages from local brews to top-shelf liquor to appease your palate this season.  Different from years passed, the venue will have a stock of liquor options as well as frozen cocktails to enjoy while you dance to live music and mingle with friends and family.
Big Wesser BBQ & Brew will host live music every weekend during the summer season to provide a family-friendly atmosphere while you unwind by the River. So there you have it, come on down to Big Wesser BBQ & Brew to taste the new food and beverages! To view the menu and event schedule click here or come visit us at NOC's Nantahala Campus.

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