Friday, March 13, 2009

Test Paddling The Z.One & Biscuit at Nantahala Falls

by Robert Bone, NOC Boat Buyer

This week, the weather was too incredible to pass up a chance to test new boats we recently stocked in the store. Tommy Yon and I took out the new Pyranha Z.One, while the Store’s Daniel Dutton took the LiquidLogic Biscuit out for a run. Check out these pics!

“The Biscuit is a boat that plays every feature the river has to offer. Its user-friendly performance design puts you into the driver's seat to make play moves look like gravy. On big waves, small waves, in a hole or just flatwater paddling you’ll be comfortable at all times in this boat.”—Daniel Dutton

And we can’t get over Tommy’s sick loop in the 8.5-foot Z.One. Incredible!

Speaking of the Z.One, we've been having a REALLY fun time with this boat. It paddles like an old-school retro kayak, but it's really stable for surfing, spinning and river running in general. Plus, it has modern outfitting. The bow of the Z.One scoops the water for huge enders and pirouettes.

I think this boat is going to be a huge hit for those paddlers that like down river play but don’t want to sacrifice the speed of a traditional river runner.

See both of these boats in-person at NOC's Outfitter's Store, or check out the specs online.

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