Saturday, March 21, 2009

Flint Ridge Five Miler Start Pictures

And they're off! The first-ever Flint Ridge Five Miler has begun, and by now most runners have probably finished the race's difficult first mile, which climbs over 1,000 feet. From there they'll enjoy the rolling single track of our Flint Ridge trail and a nice downhill coast.

By the way, we'd like to thank our friends at VO2 sports for organizing the event. Those folks rock.

Here are some pictures from the (chilly) start. Up on the mountain the sun has been on the hills for a couple of hours, so hopefully it's warmer up there!

NOC Nantahala guide Becky Huncilman (right) and her roomate (I'm terrible with names). Check out #22's presenting pose in the background.

NOC Nantahala Head Guide Phil Hart is on hand, just in case someone takes a spill on the trail. I think he's got over 4,000 different medical certifications.

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