Friday, September 20, 2013

GAF 2013: What to Expect

NOC's wildly popular Guest Appreciation Festival will finally be here next weekend (September 27-29), and will be significantly improved thanks to some changes based on feedback from the past few events.  Here is the list of some of the biggest changes you should look out for:
    A scene from the GAF Used Gear Marketplace on River Left.
  • The Used Gear Marketplace is Moving Back to River Left. GAF's popular used gear marketplace moves back to the middle of the festival ground, ensuring that all of the 5,000 GAF attendees will browse the marketplace.  So, grab some friends and pitch in for a booth at GAF to sell your gear fast! Marketplace applications are still available for $75 for the weekend.  Apply here.
  • New "Gear Swap" Area will be Available - This area is for guests who just have one or two items to sell at GAF.  Instead of buying a full booth, you will be able to take advantage of a designated gear swap area for your items. While this area won't have premiere placement like the used gear marketplace, it does give individuals a venue to sell their boats. Click here for the Gear Swap guidelines.
  • New "Buy-It-Now" Option - Many guests come out especially for sweet deals from the Paddling School's instructional fleet and the Outfitter's Store's demo fleet. These buyers usually have to wait until the Saturday morning sell begins, hoping that other guests don't snag their boat before they can buy it. This year, we're offering a "Buy-It-Now" option where guests can purchase one of these instruction or demo boats on Friday for an extra $99.  This gives you the security of knowing that you can get the exact boat you want without having to camp out overnight. 
  • This year, every boat purchase from the Outfitter's Store Gear Sale comes with a 15% off voucher for a clinic or private instruction session with NOC's Paddling School.  This gives buyers the opportunity to enjoy improve their paddling skills while upgrading their boat.
NOC Outfitter's Store Gear Sale
So that's what's new at this year's Guest Appreciation Festival. Be sure to learn more about the deals and entertainment we have planned by clicking here. We have more than 100 boats we want to move, so expect great deals on great boats all weekend long!

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