Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 Reasons to Raft This Fall

School is back in session, football is on TV and there's Halloween candy at the big box stores. So, in some ways the fall season is here. But throughout most of the South average high temperatures will remain in the 80's and 70's throughout September and October. So, just because summer is in the books doesn't mean the outdoor season is over. In fact, it's about to be the best months of the year for outdoor recreation.

So here is a short list of the five best reasons to get out for a rafting trip this fall:

#1: Color

Fall brings beautiful foliage and picturesque scenery around the region.  What better way to take in the changing leaves than from a raft in the middle of a beautiful river gorge? And rafting can be as active as you want: a brisk float on the Nantahala or an exciting rush through the Five Falls on Chattooga Section IV.
Fall Foliage in the Smoky Mountains. Looking to the Nantahala Gorge.

#2 Crowds

Everybody likes the summer, so most of the summer crowds are gone by fall.  This means paddlers enjoy an intimate feeling out on the river.  You won't be bumping into many other rafts or kayakers.  On some rivers it will feel like just you, your group and the river. 
Small trip down the Nantahala.

#3 Cost

As fall rolls in, so do fall prices. You can save anywhere from 15-30% off peak season rates.  These are the same great trips, same rivers, same service, better prices--and perhaps better scenery. Note that some rivers do not run as late into the fall as others, so start planning a fall trip today.
All the fun of a summer trip at the fall price!

#4 Cool Weather

The sweltering heat is replaced with simply pleasant weather. Instead of sweating or being too hot, fall brings in crisp air.  Don't worry though, NOC offers splash jackets to keep you dry so you stay comfortable on the river.  You'll get more gear to sport, and you'll look more fashionable in NOC's couture river gear.
These pumped up rafters aren't even thinking about the fall color in the middle of  the Chattooga's Five Falls.

#5 Create a Getaway

There's "Spring Break" and "Summer Vacation" but nothing for fall? Take a weekend and make your own "Fall Getaway." Rafting can make for a quick and easy break for families, friends or coworkers.  NOC offers rafting trips into late October on some rivers, so you will have plenty of time to fit in a river trip between now and then.
Rivers End: Open all four seasons for riverside dining!

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  1. Rafting down was fun! My little one enjoyed and had so much fun as always! Swimming down the river and the peace was awesome as always..can't wait for good weather to bring good whitewater.

    River Rafting