Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another WFR Concludes at SOLO Southeast, with High Praise from Participants

SOLO Southeast at NOC has just wrapped up another Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course, with participants from an array of professional backgrounds receiving WFR certification. Here, one student shares his experience:

"I really enjoyed the WFR Class and believe that it is the most practical emergency first aid class I have ever taken. I wanted to give you a short email to say why I attended the class. I looked for an advanced medical class that would address the issue of working in remote locations as a part of my police department's Dive Team mission. Several classes were available but didn’t seem to fit the category of “Beyond the Golden Hour” issue. I researched wilderness medical classes offered by a number of companies but I kept coming back to SOLO. I decided to look further into SOLO and see what categories would best suit a Public Safety Dive Team. I decided to enroll into the Wilderness First Responder Course. I have no regrets about choosing SOLO nor have I regretted the WFR Course. The hands-on portions of the class really put the students into the situation as well as the class portions. I was surprised and pleased at the number of scenarios the WFR Course has for the students. The class, without a doubt, prepares the student for emergencies in the backcountry. The class and instructor are top notch and I highly recommend anyone working in rural or backcountry locations to seriously consider the WFR Course. I believe this course is well suited for Park Rangers, Conservation Officers, Game Wardens, SWAT, Public Safety Dive Teams and Search & Rescue Teams."
—Detective Dana Rowsey
Crime Scene Unit
Police Dive Team
Charleston, WV

Here's a shot of Dana at NOC last week.

SOLO Southeast instructors strive to provide the highest level of training, whether for the intensive WFR course or the two-day Wildernes First Aid. Whenever possible, special guests are invited and hands-on scenarios are employed. Thanks to Dana for sharing his feedback on his SOLO Southeast experience.

Another SOLO Southeast Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course begins Saturday, March 27. More details can be found at

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