Friday, October 2, 2009

SOLO Southeast's Jono Bryant visits SOLO HQ in New Hampshire

Jono Bryant, head of NOC's Adventure Travel and SOLO Southeast Wilderness Medicine recently returned from a field trip to New Hampshire, where he visited the SOLO headquarters for an instructor enrichment weekend. He brought back these pictures:

Frank Hubbel and his wife, Lee Frizzell are the founders of Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities, the pioneer school of wilderness medicine certification and training. They are still active in the organization, currently working to develop SOLO schools abroad, with major projects in South America and Africa. NOC opened SOLO Southeast back in 2007 as a destintion for SOLO training in western NC.

The famous Stonehearth for which SOLO is named has been updated for more energy efficiency. SOLO has more than 100 instructors on the road, teaching courses in the field. This weekend instructors were invited back to New Hampshire to receive training updates and instruction enrichment. Instructors were also able to catch up on new procedures and guidelines to ensure the highest level of training in SOLO courses.

Here, a new splinting technique utilizing two splints is demonstrated by Josh McMillan, assistant education director at SOLO. This technique is being introduced into the curriculum. All new technique methods are assessed by the top brass at SOLO before being added to the rigorous curriculum.

Here, Jono coordinates a rescue scenario with other instructors. The scenario is a simulated 'deer kick' to the chest.

NOC is proud to be the home of SOLO Southeast, where this winter, you can enroll in a Wilderness EMT intensive course. This 4-week course covers the EMT basic certification, with a 5-day Wilderness Module completing the course. Click here for more information on the WEMT program at NOC's SOLO Southeast.

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