Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GAF: Where to Park

If you've been to NOC's Guest Appreciation Before, you know there are a lot of people here to catch a great deal. NOC sets up satellite parking lots and runs free shuttles all day Saturday. Most lots are located EAST of NOC on Highway 19, with the exception of the Silvermine Road lots, which are right behind NOC, within walking distance. So if you're coming from the West (via Murphy, NC), be sure to pass NOC to get to the satellite parking lots.

This post is aimed at providing you a visual reference for these satellite lots. In each instance, the lot will be clearly marked with "NOC EVENT PARKING" signs. Lots open on Saturday morning, as soon as NOC's on-site parking fills up.

This is the junction of Hwy 19 with Silvermine Road. Turn behind NOC's Wesser General Store and proceed less than half a mile up Silvermine Road until you come to the first lot, located on your left. The second Silvermine Road lot is a fenced-in field on your right.

Almost one mile EAST of NOC on Highway 19 is the Nantahala Food Mart and the junction with Wesser Creek Road. There are two parking lots accessed by turning onto Wesser Creek. The first is at the Gem Mine. You have to pass the Gem Mine and proceed to the driveway, marked by a sign. Just a few bends of the road away is a lot at the junction of Wesser Creek Road and Dills Road. It's a bit easier to turn around and approach the lot entrance from the south.
The junction of Highway 19 with Wesser Creek Road at the Nantahala Food Mart.

Located just a couple of miles past Wesser Creek Road on Hwy 19, you'll find the Pittsburger Grill (formly PRO Rafting). Their large lot on the south side of the highway will also be utilized for GAF parking. Here's what it looks approaching from the Bryson City side.

In the even of a heavy downpour, we want to make sure these lots don't become a muddy mess. For this reason, lot locations are subject to change. Your safest bet is to arrive early, be patient and park where NOC EVENT PARKING signs are clearly located. They'll look just like this:

Have safe travels and we'll see you this weekend at Guest Appreciation Festival 2009!

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