Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Knoxville News Article on NC Smokies

Yesterday the Knoxville News Sentinel ran an article on the North Carolina side of the Smokies ("Rangers say N.C. side of Smokies park is more remote, quiet") mentioning that:

"Outdoor recreation is the calling card of North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Waterfalls, trails, streams, lakes and campgrounds attract nature lovers of all ages, skills and inclinations. They fish in the gin-clear streams and ride horses deep into the wilderness. They seek pockets of old-growth forest, habitats for champion trees and unique wildlife."

Fair enough! They also gave us and our friends at the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad some love:

"The area has two major attractions in addition to the park: the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad and the Nantahala Outdo
or Center, a premier whitewater outfitter."

Cool. Read the whole article for more information on the NC Smokies and the area surrounding NOC's Nantahala River destination.

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