Monday, April 20, 2009

Three Lines Through Nantahala Falls

Hey paddlers! As we brush the dust off our boats and our paddling skills, its common to experience a little bit of anxiety on the water. Class III Nantahala Falls is a rapid that gives both beginning and intermediate boaters anxiety. Because of its lengthy entrance rapid and offset holes, it's tough for some paddlers to find a clean line. With the right plan of attack and a few deep breaths, you too can conquer the falls!

In this video, Olympic paddler and NOC instructor Wayne Dickert leads you through three different lines at Nantahala Falls. Remember to always visualize yourself making the line cleanly and paddle aggressively, and your chances of success will improve.

Be sure to scout any rapids you run. River conditions can change quickly and new hazards can appear overnight. Paddle smart! We'll see you on the river.

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